Happy mothers day poem

Happy mothers day poem

happy mothers day poem
Happy mothers day mom

To Shaila, a beacon of love and grace, On this special day, I seek to embrace, A heartfelt tribute to a mother so dear, Whose love shines brightly, crystal clear.

In your tender arms, I found solace and peace, A sanctuary of warmth, where worries cease. Your gentle touch, a balm for every pain, A love so pure, it will forever remain.

You’ve taught me lessons, both big and small, With patience and wisdom, you’ve stood tall. Through life’s storms, you’ve been my guide, With unwavering strength by my side.

Your selfless devotion, an endless sea, A source of inspiration, eternally. In your embrace, I found courage and might, To chase my dreams, to reach the height.

Your nurturing heart, a priceless treasure, A love beyond measure, without measure. On this Mother’s Day, I honor you, dear, With gratitude and love, forever sincere.

Shaila, my mother, my guiding light, In your presence, everything feels right. May this day bring joy, just like you do, For you deserve all the happiness, it’s true.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear mom, my own, Your love has flourished and brightly shone. Forever grateful, I’ll forever be, For the gift of you, my mother, so free.

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